FoodCloud Hubs works with food businesses nationwide who have volumes of surplus food, such as farms, manufacturers and distributors to manage ad-hoc and regular supplies of surplus as efficiently as possible.
FoodCloud Technlolgy
In some instances, businesses deliver directly to our Hubs in Cork, Galway and Dublin. In other circumstances, we collect from food businesses daily or weekly with our national fleet of refrigerated vans.
Once the food reaches the closest FoodCloud Hub, it is counted, uploaded onto our IT warehousing system, and then segregated into storage. We implement a robust, industry standard food safety system to ensure that food is collected and delivered in a safe condition.
Each day our Hub team call our designated charity partners,go through all the products that we have in the Hub and take an order for delivery or collection the next day. Charity partners pay a nominal contribution towards the storage and transport of the food.
It’s a win-win! Charities have access to a supply of fresh food and business can contribute to their community in a meaningful and practical way by ensuring that no good food goes to waste.


A store has perfectly good food that they cannot sell, in seconds, they upload a description of the food using their in-store scanner or our smartphone app.
A local charity linked to the store through our platform receives a notification letting them know food is available for collection. The charity responds accepting the food and they go and collect it.
It’s a win-win! Charities have access to a supply of fresh food and businesses can contribute to their community in a meaningful way.
Our partner charities, from breakfast clubs to homeless hostels to family support services, benefit through making savings on their food costs. This allows them to relocate their funding towards their core service and support their underlying mission.