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Below, you'll hear from two Community Groups about what it means to work with FoodCloud.

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What Our Community Group Partners Say

"FoodCloud has enabled us to provide a greater variety of foods to the clients we deal with in relation to addiction supports. It allows us to provide a wider education programme in relation to diet and nutrition and the benefits of a varied and balanced diet. This has the wider impact of supporting and educating families when the client returns to their family environments post treatment, providing a positive effect on family health and nutrition, especially for children of our clients who benefit hugely from this positive change in diet."

-Bushy Park Addiction Treatment, Clare


"Working with FoodCloud enables us to operate a regular food distribution service from our premises three times per week and it has enhanced the variety of food that we can offer. It has also resulted in people contacting us for food assistance who may not otherwise have come to us. This in turn helped us identify needs and vulnerabilities among people in our local community that we would not otherwise have been aware of, and we were able to assist them."

-SVP Mallow, Cork

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