Corporate Volunteer Programme

The FoodCloud team is small and we rely on corporate teams and individuals who generously give their time to help us get food to people who need it. 

We offer a number of opportunities to support us in our three Hubs, picking and packing food on a daily or weekly basis, assisting our Community Rescue Drivers deliver food to local charities or if you prefer the outdoor experience we offer team days Gleaning surplus fruit during harvest season. Volunteering is a rewarding and tangible way to reduce food waste and strengthen ties in your community. 

We want all of our corporate volunteers to understand the problem of food waste and the impact that their involvement makes on FoodCloud. To accomplish this we work with our corporate volunteer partners to engage employees further through lunch and learns, food waste seminars and communications support.


FoodCloud Hub locations in Dublin, Cork and Galway


Monday-Friday 10 am- 2 pm

How to get involved:

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