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What happens when you type into google? Well, you find our new website!

FoodCloud is delighted to join the list of .cloud Pioneers, which includes new up and coming start ups, as well market leaders in the cloud industry, such as Irish based hosting company Blacknight.

FoodCloud .cloud
FoodCloud started in Dublin in 2013 and in two very short years we have grown to work with businesses and charities across the 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland and 4 cities across the UK, moving over 10 tonnes of food a week. We have big plans to expand next year so that we can offer our solution to more and more communities.

FoodCloud is one of the first scalable technological solutions to retail level surplus food in Europe. FoodCloud did not start out using technology, but quickly realised that given the perishable nature of the food, we need a fast and efficient solution, which technology could provide. We are passionate about using technology to solve environmental and social problems.

We feel that .cloud is a great fit for us and reflects our international expansion and innovative technology. Thanks to the team at .cloud who have made the transition so seamless for us!

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