FoodCloud and FoodCloud Hubs join to become one


On July 1st, FoodCloud (Tech Platform) and FoodCloud Hubs (Warehouse Solution), which operated as two separate charities with a shared board, came together to create one combined organisation to tackle surplus food at every stage of the supply chain.

Iseult Ward,CEO of FoodCloud, said:

This combined organisation FoodCloud, brings the strengths of our two charities together, to better support our people, optimise operations and further enhance how we serve our food donation and community partners. Most importantly, it will allow us to deliver increased impact – rescuing more food, helping more communities.

Operationally, nothing has changed for our donors, charities and partners. What it does mean is that all activities are now under one organisation: FoodCloud. FoodCloud has an ambition to work with every food business in Ireland, big or small, to ensure that where edible surplus is available, it is used to feed people first before looking at alternative disposal options.

Click here to view our latest Annual Report.

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