Feeding Kindness: Aldi Ireland’s donation of EUR50,000 of non-surplus stock, paves the way for FoodCloud to support 17 new food hubs in 15 counties across Ireland in partnership with the Local Development Companies.

FoodCloud has experienced a huge surge in demand for our services in recent months due to Covid-19. Between March and June, charities sought 44% more food donations compared to the same period in 2019, with 968 tonnes of food, equating to 2.3 million meals, distributed through our retail solution and FoodCloud hubs during this time. 

In order to meet the unprecedented demand, it became crucial that we sourced non-surplus food donations, issuing an emergency food and funding appeal for extra support to the food industry. 

Seeing the opportunity to support FoodCloud and our 500+ partner charities, Aldi collaborated with FoodCloud in a way never seen before, becoming the first retailer to assist with non-surplus food. Aldi’s generous donation of €50,000 of non-surplus stock, the equivalent of an additional 4,000 meals per week, has now paved the way for FoodCloud to provide more food to charities and develop new relationships, including 17 new food hubs throughout the country in partnership with Local Development Companies. 

John Curtin, Aldi Group Buying Director said: “We are committed to working with FoodCloud to help combat food poverty. The organisation needed non-surplus food donations for the first time, in the face of growing demand for its services from charities. Covid-19 has put increasing pressure on us all, and Aldi is delighted to have been able to assist FoodCloud. We can see the ripple effect that comes from that withFoodCloud working with the Local Development Companies to now support 17 new food hubs across the country, which in turn are helping even more people in need.”

This donation consisted of long life cupboard items such as rice, pasta and other tinned goods. These cupboard items are an essential part of the support FoodHubs offered to the individuals and families they support. 

Iseult Ward, CEO of FoodCloud, said: “More and more charities have been seeking our services since the start of the pandemic. Thanks to the early donation by Aldi of €50,000 of non-surplus stock, we have been able to create new partnerships with Local Development Companies, ensuring ongoing distribution to those in need as the economic fallout of Covid-19 continues to take its toll on communities. We will continue helping charities and communities in need across Ireland, and donations such as Aldi’s are a great help to us.”

We are so grateful to the team at Aldi, who’s support not only helped FoodCloud to meet an unprecedented demand, but it also allowed foodCloud to expand our operations, helping to support charities in locations we had never had the opportunity to support before. Thank you for feeding kindness as we work togethers to get Food for Ireland. 

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