Feeding Kindness: Country Crest provides additional donations to FoodCloud’s Galway Hub.

“At Country Crest, we are more than happy to support FoodCloud and their charity partners with food donations each week. We believe that everyone should have access to a hot, nutritious meal every day and are happy to be able to play even a small part in making this a reality.”- Gabriel Hoey, Director.

Country Crest is a family-run business which has been farming for generations in North County Dublin. Today, it is a well established innovative agri-foods business, and one of the largest suppliers of potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions to retailers in Ireland.

Since partnering with FoodCloud in 2019, Country Crest has donated over 37 tonnes of food. That’s the equivalent of more than 88,000 nutritious meals reaching the tables and pantries of our community partners and the individuals and families they support. 

It is thanks to the hard work of Country Crest Co-Founder, Direct and Kindness Hero, Gabriel Hoey, who has overseen their donation process, developing a framework for their weekly donations, that provides our charity partners with healthy and nutritious vegetables which can, in turn, be made into delicious meals or redistributed in hampers and food packs to the individuals that they support. More recently Country Crest has started donating to FoodCloud’s Galway Hub, becoming the Galway Hub’s most consistent supplier of fresh produce and addressing the importance of supporting those located in more rural communities across the country. 

Less than a year after partnering with FoodCloud, Country Crest addressed the challenges posed by COVID-19 by more than doubling their donations of fresh vegetables in support of those most affected. This increased volume of fresh food has played a critical role at a time when accessing food became more difficult for many. The presence of accessible nutritious food serves, not only as a helping hand for many but it provides reassurance, lightening the burden of obtaining food that many individuals and families felt following the crisis. 

We could not do what we do without the amazing support of Country Crest. Their donations and additional support have ensured FoodCloud is able to continue getting good food across the country to the Charities and Community Groups we support.

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