Feeding Kindness: Meade Potato Company Continues their Support of FoodCloud from Farm to Fork

“FoodCloud provides us with a great option for our surplus potatoes, carrots, onions and other produce; they distribute them to charities who are in need of fresh, nutritious food to feed their clients.” – Mark McKenna

Having partnered with FoodCloud in 2016, Meade Potato Company has long been donating quality vegetables and helping community groups to build healthy eating habits within their services and amongst the clients they support. Since their first donation made its way into the kitchens of our charity partners, Meade Potato Co. have donated over 93 tonnes of food, the equivalent of over 221,000 nutritious meals. Not only have Meade Potato Co. been supporting FoodCloud through their donation process but each autumn FoodCloud volunteers have also had the opportunity to grace the fields at Meade Potato Co. to glean the vegetables, which is to hand-pick the vegetables that are missed by the machinery that gathers the harvest. FoodCloud’s network of charities get to taste beautiful vegetables straight from the soil, an experience closed to many. 

With over 100 products in their line they have always donated a wide variety of vegetables to FoodCloud. However, in recent months and as a response to the COVID-19 crisis they not only doubled their weekly donations, but also extended the vegetables included within these donations. This allowed FoodCloud to offer a larger selection of items to charity partners at a time when accessing good food was particularly difficult for many.

Meade Potato Company’s donations have been welcomed by our charity partners, particularly those striving to offer fresh, nutritious meals to their service users and those who support clients through food hampers. From nursing homes and childcare facilities to rehabilitation centres and homeless shelters, Meade Potato Company’s weekly offerings of fresh vegetables represents more than just a food donation; it signifies an opportunity to access good health, synonymous with recovery, growth or even survival. 

Thank you to this week’s HumanKind Heroes, Mark McKenna and Radek Krol, who work tirelessly behind the scenes at Meade Potato Co. to ensure that FoodCloud’s weekly donations make their way from the farms of the Meade family to the forks of our charity partners and their clients.  

“We are now going that step further and supplementing our surplus with additional fruit and vegetables that FoodCloud need to meet their unprecedented demand. We are happy to help; it’s the right thing to do.” -Mark McKenna

Mark who works as the Supply Chain Coordinator implemented a donation process that continues to run smoothly,  ensuring that the weekly donations are received into FoodCloud’s warehouse, while much of the products offered to FoodCloud from Meade Potato Co. come through Radek who works their Potato Division. 

We are incredibly grateful for the support of our donors such as Meade Potato Co. who took the opportunity to ensure that those in need can regularly access nutritious healthy food during these difficult times.It’s thanks to their donations that FoodCloud can continue to get good food where it’s needed most. 


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