Feeding Kindness: New Donors Birds Eye Ireland Step Up to the Plate to Support Community Groups Across Ireland

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“We have worked with FoodCloud in the past and we were delighted to be able to help those in need, in any way that we could.”-Geraldine Caulfield, Project Manager Ireland Logistics.

Birds Eye Ireland joined FoodCloud as a new food donor in February of 2020, however being new didn’t stop them from stepping up to the plate during the Covid-19 pandemic. Unable to ignore FoodCloud’s call for donations in March 2020, they reached out with an offer of 1,000 non-surplus pizzas to go to those struggling from the impacts of COVID-19. 

This donation represents  just a small part of the impact that Birds Eye Ireland has made over the past few months. Since becoming a FoodCloud partner in February, they have donated 6.5 Tonnes of surplus & non-surplus food to FoodCloud. That’s the equivalent of over 15,000 meals going to support community groups and charity partners across the country. 

Their willingness to support FoodCloud has been reflected by their staff, as Birds Eye Ireland have nominated two staff members who embody this kindness and have gone above & beyond to support those around them during these difficult times. 

One of their nominees, Geraldine Caulfield, who works on the Supply Chain as Project Manager as part of the Birds Eye Ireland Logistics team. She recalled how well they were positioned to support others during the pandemic when she stated:

“The whole team, based in Naas, has worked tirelessly to deliver unprecedented volumes to all our customers during these exceptionally difficult last few months, but we were very conscious, from the beginning of the pandemic, that we were in a position to offer practical support to those less fortunate.” 

Occupational Health Nurse, Patricia Quinn, is Birds Eye Ireland’s other nominee. Patricia dedicated her nomination to all occupational nurses supporting people during the pandemic. Patricia was recognized for her commitment to the health and well-being of others. During the pandemic Patricia supported unwell employees as they were being treated, ensured employees on site were not exposed to infection risks, and provided emotional & moral support to employees working from home. 

“It’s no easy feat ensuring that our factory is safe and our employees happy & healthy in such unprecedented times, but we’ve worked around the clock to ensure we’ve been able to do so. May I dedicate this recognition to all Occupational Health nurses based in both clinical & non-clinical settings! Thank you for your support.”

We’d like to echo Patricia’s words when we say thank you to the kindness heroes and all the team at Birds Eye Ireland for being part of our Kindness Food Chain.

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