Feeding Kindness: Kellogg Joins Forces With FoodCloud to Get Essential Products Around Ireland

We know that when we donate large volumes of food to FoodCloud, they can split those volumes into hundreds of small packages which go deep into the heart of the community, reaching places, people and needs that we couldn’t reach without them.”

Shane Dawson, National Sales Manager, Kellogg Ireland

Shane Dawson, National Sales Manager for Kellogg Ireland, and his team at Kellogg recognised the value in donating their surplus cupboard essentials to FoodCloud, understanding the difference it would make to the local and national communities supported through FoodCloud.

Through their donations of cereals, Kellogg has helped charities and community groups offer a nutritious, filling and delicious breakfast to their clients and service users, brightening up the morning of individuals and families across Ireland with the most important meal of the day. 

“Kellogg’s does mean a lot to our service users. They eat Kellogg’s every morning for breakfast, seven days a week, so it means a lot to us.”

Katie Fitzsimmons, Head of Operations, Mendicity

As a first-time donor, Kellogg has already donated more than 15.4 tonnes of surplus food, the equivalent of over 36,874 meals, since coming on board in March.  What’s more, they have also committed to donating food on a regular basis as part of their pledge to donate one million servings to charities in Ireland. 

We are so grateful for the support of our donors like Kellogg, who saw the opportunity to help those in need during this time and took it. It is thanks to their donations, that FoodCloud can continue to ensure good food gets to the 500+ Charities and Community Groups we support.

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