FoodCloud App The Guardian

FoodCloud is The Guardians No.3 App for Tackling Food Waste Globally!

The Guardian recently released their top 10 food waste apps for tackling food waste, and we made it to No.3!

The full listing is available below and on The Guardians website.

  1. 11th Hour (Singapore)
  2. NoFoodWasted (The Netherlands)
  3. FoodCloud (Ireland and the UK)
  4. Cheetah (West Africa)
  5. MintScraps (US and Thailand)
  6. No Food Waste (India)
  7. Winnow (Europe, UAE, Asia, Australia)
  8. Too Good To Go (Europe and the US)
  9. Wise up on Waste (Europe)
  10. Yo No Desperdicio (Spain)

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