FoodCloud are going to Web Summit!

FoodCloud at Web Summit

We are lucky enough to be attending Web Summit this year. This will be our third year there!

The Web Summit has been brilliant for Dublin and for Ireland. Dublin is such a hub for technology companies. So many of the big names have offices here, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Air B&B. We are really proud of what has been achieved in Ireland in technology over the last few years.

Web Summit

Last year we had a stand and our CEO Iseult spoke at Web Summit about FoodCloud and what we do. At that time, we had donated 140 tonnes of food which is about 300,000 meals. We have now donated 667 tonnes which is over 1.4 million meals!

FoodCloud and Technology

Our app and website technology allows us to efficiently match businesses that have too much food with charities that need food. FoodCloud did not start out using technology, but quickly realised that given the perishable nature of the food, we need a fast and efficient solution, which technology could provide.

We are passionate about using technology to solve environmental and social problems. There is a huge opportunity to channel the best brains in the start-up and tech communities to try to solve some of our trickiest global problems. Good Irish examples include ChangeX and Coderdojo.

FoodCloud at the Web Summit 2015

This year, we will be at stand BT-141 at Web Summit in BETA Village on Day 3, Thursday the 5th of November.

We have some exciting plans for our Web Summit stand and want to start some conversations over surplus food, ugly fruit and veg, our favourite leftover recipes, how we can reduce food waste in the home and how technology is reducing food waste. This is just a little sample of what we have planned!

Ugly Fruit and Veg

Web Summit is such an exciting event and we are looking forward to seeing loads of inspiring speakers, getting involved in interesting discussions and meeting lots of cool people.

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