foodcloud technology platform

FoodCloud Technology Platform

FoodCloud’s technology is already used by over 3,000 donating supermarkets in the UK and Ireland in addition to food bank partner locations around the world. We use a simple smartphone app and notification system that enables excellent engagement and donation management for stores and charities. We also provide an admin backend website which shows all donations, donors and recipients so that they can manage the successful donation of surplus food to the 9000 charitable recipients on the platform. In the case where donors and food banks require further line-level product data traceability, we have created many integration options to receive data from external sources like retail stock control systems. The FoodCloud technology system is a cloud based platform that can be accessed all over the world.

Our FoodCloud mobile app is available on Android and Apple products. The app is currently in use on retailer in-store devices and smartphones. Our app enables the donor and recipient to communicate regarding the available food so that a delivery or collection can be arranged. It is a very simple process on both sides. The technology solution is designed to support the great work that the donors, recipients and food banks do on a daily basis.

In addition to the core platform, FoodCloud has administration and reporting facilities to enable the management of food redistribution on national and international scales. Our system manages profiles for donors and charities, the history of donations they have received, food traceability and has an inbuilt call centre to enable effective live and follow up support by admin teams.

The technology platform is used by FoodCloud daily and our team continually develops new features and improves existing aspects of the system.

We have been commended for this work in the following awards:

Winner of Green Awards – Green Technology Award 2019

Winner of Net Visionary Awards – Best use of technology for social good 2017

Winner of Digital Agenda Impact Award 2017