FoodCloud Hubs

Introducing… FoodCloud Hubs!

We’ve now got a farm-to-fork solution for surplus food in Ireland! FoodCloud has joined forces with Bia Food Initiative (a successful operator of three food redistribution hubs in Ireland) to increase the amount of surplus food redistributed in Ireland and to ensure maximum impact for charities.

Bia Food Initiative is now FoodCloud Hubs and through their three Hubs (Dublin, Cork, and Galway) we can now store large quantities of surplus food from producers, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

FoodCloud Hubs Process

The addition of FoodCloud Hubs expands the type of food available to charities. Bakery, fruit, vegetables, and meats are the more common foods received through FoodCloud. With FoodCloud Hubs, canned goods, frozen meats, chilled dairy, cereals, pantry basics (such as flour, salt, and sugar) and non-perishable items can now also be redistributed. Food items stored in FoodCloud Hubs are perfectly edible, but for a variety of reasons cannot be sold in-store e.g. incorrect or slightly damaged packaging, errors in orders, out of season goods, or large quantities of goods that are coming up to their use-by/sell-by date.


Charities can now avail of surplus food through FoodCloud in two ways;

  1. FoodCloud’s app, charities can collect surplus fresh food directly from retailers using smart technology.

  2. FoodCloud Hubs, charities can avail of surplus longer-lasting items and either collect them from a Hub or have them delivered by our Hubs team directly to their door.


  • If you are a charity and you would like to learn more about FoodCloud Hubs, please email: [email protected]
  • If you are a producer, manufacturer, or wholesaler with surplus food and you would like to contact FoodCloud Hubs business engagement team, please email: [email protected]

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