New Tech Developments at FoodCloud

E Sign Feature

At FoodCloud we are continuously working to update our platform for food redistribution and to develop new features in line with our users needs. 

Our tech team has recently built a new feature called E Sign. This feature was built as some of our customers need to have legal proof of donation transactions and wanted a way to automate this process via the FoodCloud app. 

Fig.1 – Donors can view the e-signatures in Copia and will also receive a copy of them in a mail receipt.

This feature provides a way for donors and charities to sign for donations in the app . This means that when a charity receives a donation, they can officially confirm the transfer with the donor. When the process is complete, the charity will also receive a copy of the signatures via mail receipt. This adds an additional layer of proof and improves customer satisfaction through validation of the donation process!

To find out more about this new feature, please contact your account manager or alternatively contact

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