What’s Our Latest Figure in Surplus Food Redistribution? [Update]

We’ve reached another milestone in surplus food redistribution!

Together the FoodCloud and FoodCloud Hubs teams have facilitated the redistribution of 20 million meals to charities and community groups in the UK and Ireland.

These meals enable charities to provide more nutritious meals to their end users and help them save money on their food budgets, which they can reinvest into their core service. Charities that have benefited from surplus food include breakfast clubs, homeless shelters, and community centers.

We are so delighted that we’re reached this milestone, and we look forward to redistributing another 20 million meals to those in need.


If you’re a charity that would like to sign-up to FoodCloud, please email our recruitment team on [email protected]

If you’re a retailer/business with surplus food that you would like redistributed, please email [email protected]

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