Technology for Food Banks

FoodCloud's ambition is to support the global community of food banks and share our technology and expertise.
Technology for food banks

FoodCloud has the potential to have a transformative impact on food waste and food security globally.

Operating as a foodbank ourselves in Ireland has given FoodCloud a unique understanding of the complexity of the sector, and we have built upon this knowledge in partnership with food banks globally, giving us unique insights into the needs of our foodbanking partners.

Our Foodiverse Platform

Foodiverse is a new platform powered by the technology team at FoodCloud. To continue using FoodCloud technology, current users of the FoodCloud app or the FareShare Go app will need to download the Foodiverse app.

Global Foodbanking Partners

FoodCloud are the Irish members of the European Food Banks Federation, which has 24 national member organisations that together are supporting more than 45,000 charities across Europe.

FoodCloud work closely with the Global FoodBanking Network, who support foodbanks in 34 countries. To date, the Network has redistributed 503,000 tonnes of food to over 55,000 charities.

Our Global Partnerships

We've proudly worked with our UK partner, FareShare, since 2015. FareShare are the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste.
Using our technology and support, FareShare connect charities and retailers across the UK. With FareShare’s scale and experience, together, we continued to redistribute store-level surplus to those who need it.
In 2018, we rolled out our charity app to the UK, allowing charities to accept donations more easily and access insight on the impact of the donations they receive.

After running a successful pilot with Tesco Central Europe in Czechia and Poland, FoodCloud are rolling out our Technology solution across all stores in both countries. In the future, we will be piloting our Technology solution in Slovakia and Hungary.

Kinder To People and The Planet

FoodCloud are committed to helping Ireland become a leader in achieving SDG 12.3: and SDG 2.

We are committed to supporting the overall global achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals 12.3, to halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels, and SDG 2, to achieve zero hunger by 2030.

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