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FoodCloud’s technology platform directly connects food businesses with local community groups to redistribute surplus food.

How the platform works - 3 simple steps

Step 1
The food donor uploads to Foodiverse an estimate of its good quality, unsold food. This step can also be done automatically via an integration.

Step 2
A local community group volunteer receives a notification about the available food as well as where and where to pick it up. They accept the offer so that the donor knows to prepare the food for donation.

Step 3
The volunteer arrives to pick up the food at which point the donor confirms that the food has been collected which triggers a real-time update of reports. The local community group can then use the food to serve its community instead of the food going to waste.

Foodiverse Key Features

Multiple Collection/ Delivery windows/ Slots
Electronic signature upon receipt of donation
Multiple collectors for one donation
Product Level Details
Donation management and coordination
Real-time tracking and reporting
Data Portability
Donation Records

Reporting Impact

The importance of ESG and CSR reporting is on the rise. Foodiverse allows you to quickly and accurately track and measure the impact of your food donations.

Benefits of Foodiverse

The international food technology solution for your food surplus requirements

Food redistribution technology solution
Flexible and easy to use technology
Continued and dedicated support
Reliable ability
to track
Advanced impact reporting
Meet climate and
ESG targets

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