FoodCloud Cookies Statement

FoodCloud, like most websites, uses some cookies.

Cookies are small text files stored on your device (your computer or phone) by your browser. They are used to remember details from your visit to our site such as, whether you have visited the site before, to help us figure out how many visitors we get on the site over a period of time or from what location people are visiting our site. These cookies contain information about the use of your computer but they do not include any personal information about you.

Cookies are used on our website, apps, and platform for the following purposes:

Advertising: To see how many people visit our site and what parts of the site they visit most.

Site Analytics: To see how users interact with our site and when our site is most often visited.

Social Media:  To recognise unique users.

For more information about how to manage or disable cookies, please see the link that corresponds to your browser, below:

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