June 20, 2023

Community Corner: NaasPoint


NaasPoint Mission Statement: We are the community of Naas Parish responding to human needs by offering welcome, hospitality, respect and encouragement to promote the dignity and fundamental rights for each person in need.

In April of 2019 a small group of Naas parishioners engaged with different groups and bodies to discern how we, as a parish, might react in some way to the homelessness crisis in our country. While almost everyone is conscious in so many ways of the “homeless crisis,” a new perspective for it was needed. This crisis has so many aspects—different people are homeless in different ways. Some are homeless because of psychiatric or addiction problems. Others find themselves in a short term but frightening, even terrifying, scenario because of financial difficulties or simply because of a dramatic change in circumstances. Some are non-nationals who find they do not have the scaffolding of family and friends. Some have been caught into different forms of poverty, spiralling into homelessness. There are people who fall through the loops of the different projects for shelter and need help in a more casual way. Protecting the dignity of all involved is paramount.

In September of 2019 NaasPoint was set up to help those most in need in our Parish. The NaasPoint committee comprises local parishioners and priests from the Naas Parish.

Current Status: Having developed a close relationship since commencement with our local Tesco, Dunnes Stores, Lidl and Aldi we signed up to the FoodCloud Scheme. The food received is in good condition but close to its expiry date on the day of collection and we help to prevent good food from going to waste. Our volunteers collect the food on scheduled days and evenings throughout the week and deliver it to the homeless and those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged in our local community. We also supply ambient food, water, toiletries, clothes, fuel and essential items as and when required. Besides us having to purchase these products, we also get donations from some local businesses and parishioners These items are stored in two insulated containers which are located in Ballycane Church car park. This facility gives us the flexibility to have emergency food on hand and it also enables us to get better prices when purchasing the goods.

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