April 15, 2024

Community Corner: Carlow Senior Citizens Association

Carlow Senior Citizens Association was founded in 1969. We were established with the mission of giving “the best possible care and help to the people we serve as efficiently and effectively as we can, using the facilities and resources at our disposal.” Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment, encourage continuous self care, encourage activity and independence and improve the quality of life of our elderly clients. We also aim to offer respite to family carers, offer advice and information about other services and most of all to be regarded as a loyal friend by everybody.

We acquired our own building in 1990, where we prepare and serve meals to our members. We also deliver 20-30 food parcels every week to people in need in our

We are much aided in this endeavour by the surplus FoodCloud donations we receive from our local Lidl and Aldi supermarkets and the additional long-dated food we receive through the European Food Aid’s ESF+ programme. All the surplus food items are collected in-store by our own volunteers and given to the people who need the food most. We have always found the staff at Lidl and Aldi to be helpful and courteous at times of collections of surplus food items. Usually the donations contain vegetables and fruit which we use in preparation of the meals we serve. We write the Aldi and Lidl staff a thank you letter every year to show our appreciation. The photo is of some of our committee at a presentation to our Centre a few years ago.

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