November 14, 2022

Community Corner: Friends of the Elderly

Friends of the Elderly was established in Dublin in 1980. Our mission is to help alleviate the poverty of loneliness and isolation experienced by so many older people living in Ireland today.

The aims ofFriends of the Elderly is to alleviate loneliness amongst isolated older people through friendship. We work with 1000members and have seen an increase in demand for our services since the pandemic of 54%.

Working and receiving support from FoodCloud helps with some of our programme of activities that Friends of the Elderly provide:

Social Clubs & Events

- Tuesday Coffee Mornings: We provide a warm welcoming environment for our members to get together, chat, take part in work shops, with a light lunch being served.

- Wednesday Club: This club hosts up to 80 older people every Wednesday afternoon. We provide an afternoon tea and dessert, live entertainment whereby our members can sing and dance.  This club is vital to the wellbeing of our members as it allows our members to socialise in a safe and caring environment.

- Movie Club: Every Thursday our centre becomes a mini movie cinema. We provide light refreshments and our members watch a movie surrounded by friendship.

- Friday Yoga & Bingo:  Our members meet to start their weekend with relaxation followed by a light lunch and then bingo.

- Celebration Days - throughout the year we celebrate various occasions. Christmas, Easter,St. Patrick’s day etc.

- Musical Cabarets – we bring in a cabaret artist, serve hot food and a glass of wine so that our members can reminisce through music.

- Christmas Parties – hosting parties for up to 200 people. This may be their opportunity to have a Christmas dinner or indeed their only time to join in on festivities.

Food Hampers
Providing food and hygiene hampers for our members ensures that they have the basics they need.   It also frees up their outgoings which is so important now with the cost of living crisis. Being able to provide lunches and refreshments to our members with the support of FoodCloud greatly enhances our programs. Thank you to everyone atFoodCloud and to all their partners, your help ensures that we can reach so many older people in local communities because of you. Thank you for being a truly wonderful friend of the elderly.
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