December 20, 2023

Community Corner: Killinarden Community Centre

Killinarden is an extremely underprivileged area. As a community centre, we run various programs for all ages and provide a safe place for anyone to come from our Golden Circle to our amazing Killinarden Community Council Youth Project. Our food drive started as a small weekly delivery from Tesco through FoodCloud on a Thursday evening catering for approximately 10 families. Over the years our food drive has expanded to a very big weekly food drive every Friday and we now cater for over 50-60 families. Monday through Thursday, we take in non-perishable goods and on Friday mornings, we take in a huge FoodCloud Hub delivery of perishables and non-perishables. We prioritise our local community so the people of Killinarden take precedence in terms of our support but in recent years our food drive has expanded to outside of the Killinarden catchment area and we don’t turn anyone away if we have food left over. 

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