July 17, 2023

Community Corner: Northside Community Enterprises

Since our formation in 1993 NCE has been promoting social inclusion as well as creating employment and training opportunities for disadvantaged groups. We work in partnership with addiction services -Tabor Group (Fellowship & Renewal) and Cuan Mhuire as well as probation services, Churchfield Trust, DEASP & CETB to provide training and employment for people during treatment. Our organisation strives to be at the heart of the Community providing key services that strengthens its social, environmental, and economic fabric. In NCE we thrive to support and educate in all aspects of life and we put well-being and mental health front and centre of all our staff, students and participants.

Social considerations are one of the driving forces of our organisation. Northside Community Enterprises (NCE)’s mission statement is that “we believe that all people have the right to integrate with others in our community, re-educate, train, work and gain the relevant experience to progress to future full-time employment. Our aim is to promote social inclusion and provide accessible training opportunities to serve the needs of the local community.” 

In early 2023 we began collaborating with FoodCloud. The aim of the collaboration is “to transform surplus food into opportunities to make the world a kinder place.” NCE collects food from both local retailers and from the FoodCloud hub in Little Island. This is good food that would otherwise go to landfill and we distribute it among our participants and students who are in need of basic necessities. 

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