August 15, 2022

Community Corner: Ranelagh Community Response

Ranelagh Community Response started as an initiative to ensure elderly and vulnerable members of society in south Dublin were fed during the Covid-19 crisis, which sparked strong business and community support.

What began as a response to Covid-19 has enlisted the energetic commitment of dozens of volunteers, and we are now delivering up to 100 meals a day to vulnerable members of society.

Since joining Food Cloud Ranelagh Community Response has received 3,300 KG of food. Thanks to all the companies supporting the FoodCloud it makes a great difference for our Community and the people we support, as well as preventing food waste.

Over the last 12 Months Ranelagh Community Response 

•    We cooked and delivered 23,400 meals 

•    involved Transition Year students in our Community Activities 

•    Inclusion programmes for people in Ranelagh and surrounding areas 

•    Organise Social and recreational activities mainly in Ranelagh 

•    Delivered food parcels, plants, and Hampers on a regular basis

•    In Partnership with the FoodCloud used 3,300 Kg of food

Ranelagh Community Response is a voluntary initiative and the organisation was responsible for the delivery of more than 23,300 meals to vulnerable and elderly residents in the Ranelagh and surrounding area during the lockdown.

“We have over 100 volunteers who do everything from delivering food to the back-end databases to ensure food safety” We have a group of Adults from Gheel Autism services who volunteer to assist with our gardening, administration and assisting with our food preparation. Inclusion is one of our guiding principles. An 83-year-old resident does the laundry for the kitchen tea towels and uniforms, washing and folding them daily.

Fundamentally, real friendships are being forged as an antidote to loneliness. “They are concerned about loneliness as well as delivering the meals”.

We utilise everything we can from banana skins for compost if we make banana bread, we mix egg shells with banana skins and used coffee to top up our planter boxes , and we are hoping to get a glass house to grow more plants from seeds to distribute to the local communities.

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