January 18, 2023

Community Corner : Remar Recovery Home

The Remar Recovery Home Ireland, through the assistance of FoodCloud has been in a position to receive food donations from Tesco, Lidl, Dunnes and outlets located in Thurles and Clonmel, Tipperary County, on different days of the week. 

Through the aforementioned assistance, Remar Recovery Home has been able to offer meals to its residents and those struggling with addictions (such as alcoholism, drugs, gambling etc.), as well as people who have been marginalised and struggling with personal problems. In addition to this, similar donations have been made to the homeless, those in need, as well as the elderly. This assistance has been made possible to areas around Tipperary County, Kilkenny County, to as far as Dublin and generally Ireland as a whole. 

The Remar Recovery Home offers its gratitude and appreciation for the food donations it has been able to  and continues to receive in order for its ministry and activities to take place. 

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