February 16, 2024

Community Corner: Rosary College Crumlin

Rosary College is a designated Deis school ( Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools. It forms part of the Department of Education's social inclusion strategy to help children and young people who are at risk of or who are experiencing educational disadvantage.

Peter Brennan, a teacher in Rosary College told us: “Being able to use FoodCloud has had a very positive effect for my classes & the students also. Any donated food we receive is used, whenever possible, in a practical learning class for students from 1st year right through to 5th year inclusive. It has relieved some stress for the students as previously they were required to bring all food from home for the cookery lessons and not everyone had the resources to do so. It has also facilitated more creative classes depending on what food items have been available from Tesco. I have been a chef for many years now & every week I get an opportunity to use my creative skills in taking surplus food to make nutritious, healthy, on-trend dishes. We are in the process of making a cookery book with the transition year students. This cookery book is teenage-focused, & many dishes feature donated surplus food. The photos below are dishes made by the students & myself from surplus food.”

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