August 22, 2023

Community Corner: The Warehouse Newtownards/Northdown Communityworks

At The Warehouse Newtownards/Northdown Communityworks we run a range of food & community projects. We have been partnering with Lidl and FoodCloud since 2018. We collect the surplus food and have an amazing chef who uses it all to create frozen meals to eat at home, breakfasts, lunches and dinners to be eaten in the Warehouse, some of it we put in our community fridge, and other parts we use to run cooking courses. It just depends on what is in the food collection. At the warehouse, we are focused on reducing waste and ensuring that good food is saved from the bin. Surplus food from stores like Lidl provides an amazing benefit to our local community.

It's not ok that people living locally are hungry but with help from fantastic partners like Lidl we can help to stand in the gap and provide people with the food they need. Our society is broken, and people are constantly falling through the gaps. But together we can make a difference for our neighbours who are experiencing crisis. It starts with us using our voices to say no, enough is enough. Together we can change this. Food systems need to be totally changed if we are going to care for our neighbours and our planet.

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