May 26, 2020

Feeding Kindness: Cheeverstown House Continue Supporting Residents and Clients Amidst COVID-19

“The cracks would begin to appear if it wasn’t for the food holding us all together.”

Cheeverstown House is a voluntary organisation, which provides a wide range of residential, respite and day services to children and adults with intellectual disabilities, and to their families both on the Cheeverstown Campus and throughout community locations. Cheeverstown House works with both of FoodCloud’s solutions, using the technology solution to connect with retailers who have surplus food while also collecting larger quantities of food from our Dublin Hub through FoodCloud’s second solution. Since partnering with FoodCloud in 2017 they have rescued over 280,900 meals.

Cheeverstown House recently appeared alongside FoodCloud in the RTÉ docu-series “Changing Ireland: My Big Idea”, where they spoke about the impact that receiving food from FoodCloud has had on their service. The programme, which was produced in partnership with Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, featured a variety of entrepreneurs around the country including FoodCloud and some of the services they support through their food.

Maintaining Support for Service Users.

Like so many organisations working in the community, Covid-19 has had an enormous impact on their operations. However, Cheeverstown House has continued to support their service users by ensuring that a supply of good food is available to them, making sure that those in their care can still eat well.

Kindness Hero Janice Down, Cheeverstown’s Catering Manager, summed up the significant impact food has had on their service at such a pivotal time perfectly when she said:

During COVID-19, food – as it always does – plays a big part in everyone’s life. Most of us plan our day around it, from breakfast to dinner, to having fun times baking and being creative. We are so grateful at Cheeverstown for FoodCloud in supplying us with great food and helping all of us to get through these times.”

A huge thank you to all of the staff and team at Cheeverstown for Feeding Kindness as we work together to get Food For Ireland.

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