November 15, 2022

FoodCloud Kindness Heroes: O’Brien Fine Foods

O’Brien Fine Foods has been supporting FoodCloud through surplus donations since 2017. To date, they have donated over 40 tonnes of food, which is the equivalent of over 95,000 meals, also avoiding the equivalent of over 128 tonnes of co2.

O’Brien Fine Foods have also supported FoodCloud at Christmas over the last few years by donating non-surplus turkeys and hams to help us support our network at Christmas time. This year, O’Brien Fine Foods will donate the equivalent of 3,000 meals through their Christmas donation.

Ecaterina Burlacu, Logistics Coordinator was nominated by Marek Dlhos, Warehouse & Customer Service Manager at O’Brien Fine Foods as a FoodCloud Kindness Hero who goes the extra step to support FoodCloud:

“Ecaterina is very enthusiastic and empathetic, always goes above and beyond in her duties to support Foodcloud. Through regular communication and planning, Ecaterina ensures FoodCloud are supported with frequent deliveries of our products. Ecaterina has collaborated for many years with FoodCloud and we believe FoodCloud’s work is invaluable in providing help to those in need”

Marek Dlhos – Warehouse & Customer Service Manager at O’Brien Fine Foods:

Given the challenging economic situation I understand how difficult it is for many to provide for their families. Working as part of the O’Brien Fine Foods team, I am more than happy to strengthen ties with our community and support those in need. I enjoy a strong working relationship with the FoodCloud team and am very excited about leading our upcoming 3,000 meal equivalent donation to FoodCloud during Christmas”
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